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How does buying an account work?

It is a very straightforward process basically we transfer the account from the original owner to the buyers.We have methods that work each and everytime guarenteed.

So are we buying from Unlimited Accounts or the original owner?

You are buying the account from us we buy the accounts from the owners but we also need them with us during the account transfer.

Do you sell worldwide?

Yes we have a marketing process which helps us locate eBay accounts anywhere in the world.

How do I pay?

Credit / Debit Card


Bank Transfer

How long will I have my account after payment?

No longer than a few hours we just need to get the buyer and the owner on either ends at the same time and the actual transfer itself takes minutes.

Are the accounts guarenteed?

Yes. We offer a 12 months account replacement warranty

Are the accounts business or personal?

All accounts are business accounts

So I can list as many items as I want? 

Yes if we advertise that the account has no selling allowances then it is 100% unlimited which means you can list as many items as you want. We will show evidence off this before you buy.

I can’t afford to start with an unlimited account what can I do on a budget? 

We sell cheaper accounts which have 1000 item limits with 16k cash limits. These are still great accounts and we will advise you on how to run them smoothly so that within a few months eBay will start to increase the selling allowances anyway so this is a longer solution but a cheaper one.